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Pegas E-Fat with 80mm rims. Test ElectroBike.Ro.
Size Matters…when talking rim width (get your mind out of the gutter people).  Rim width plays a huge role in how your bike handles, how your tires feel, and how easily you roll over loose or irregular surfaces.  This applies to all styles of bikes no doubt, but unlike skinnier tired bikes, rather than slightly tweaking handling characteristics, rim width on a fatbike can completely transform the way a fatbike handles, from a light and nimble singletrack slayer to a monster truck that goes over any and everything in its path but might not handle being thrown around quite so well.  Below is a quick and dirty guide to help you select the best possible rim width for your riding style.

Plus Widths (40mm-50mm) – These rims while not technically true “fat” sizes deserve honorable mention, especially for those of us trying to build super light wheels on the cheap or those of us who want to build a bike with loads of traction but will never need to take full advantage of the float fatbikes can offer.  These are obviously great with “plus” or 3″ wide tires but they can also work well with 4″ wide fat tires.  They round the profile of the tire a bit which cuts down on float but it makes the bike transition from upright to railing corners very quick and easy.  Lots of riders like this option when trying to get a set of wheels in the weight range of a proper carbon fat rim but without spending a ton of cash.  Just don’t try to mount anything wider than a 4″ tire on them.65mm Widths – This is by far my favorite size to build for year round fat biking.  They are light, they make leaning the bike into corners super easy, and still give good enough float for MOST riders.  They are great everywhere but super deep sand/snow.  They can even take 5″ tires without issue.

80mm Widths – If you mostly use your fatbike in sand/snow but still would like it to handle reasonably well on fast techy singletrack, this is a great rim width for you.  They have most of the float of a 100mm rim but without hurting the way your bike feels on tight twisty trails too much.  They can take all tire sizes and take you nearly anywhere you would like to go.  This truly falls into the jack of all trades, master of none (except maybe groomed snow) category.  If you don’t know what size to order after reading this, get 80’s.

100mm Widths – Right now this is about as big as fat rims come, these really turn your bike into a monster truck.

pegas-suprem-dinamic-2017-18Pegas Fatbike Suprem Dinamic E-bike S900 LCD Manual

pegas-fatbike-suprem-dinamic-e-bike-rosu-mat_2101.jpgPegas >> Frame&fork: Alu 6061; Brakes: Promax & Disc Tektro; Chain: 1/2″*3/32″*124L KMC; Chainring: 42T with Tongsheng torque sensor; Gears: Altus Shimano 8speed 14-28T; Wheels: 26″x4.0″ Kenda, Rims: double 80mm, Kickstand, LCD: S900 waterproof OMD; Motor: Bafang RMG 06 48V500W, Battery: 48V14,5A 65 cells Samsung 2900E, Charger:48V2A AC100-240V, Front Light : TRENDO black shell LED 6V Spanninga; Weight: 27.7kg, Drop-out 170 mm.pegas-suprem-dinamic-2017-11fat7fat1The carton size is 0.36CBM. For this fat frame, we just can provide only one chaining.m0Magnum Peak : High speed hardtail, throttle, hydraulic disc brakes and an extra large battery for $2k, with a 24 speed drivetrain

shimano 48t

3×8 Shimano, Front Altus M310, Rear Acera M360 11-32T, Shimano 170 mm  28-33-42T
The controller is overbuilt and mounted separately for better heat dispersion.


Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc 180mm Front, 160 mm Rear Rotor, with electric cut-off 
SPOKES: 13G Stainless Steel, TIRE BRAND: Schwalbe Smart Sam, 27.5″ x 2.25 




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